Improving Environmental Impact of Material Science Discovery

DrySyn used in conjunction with CondenSyn air condensers Isleham, UK  —  Asynt reports how the Rannard Group at the Materials Innovation Factory, at the University of Liverpool (UK), uses new technologies supplied by the company to help improve the environmental

Small-Scale Production Lyophilizer

From SP Scientific Stone Ridge, NY, USA — The Ultra Lyophilizer from SP Scientific is a compact, free standing freeze-drying system that can process bulk products, vials of all shapes and sizes as well as large numbers of microplates. The

Installing Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring & Alarming

T&D’s Loggers Protect Prescription Medications Online — CAS DataLoggers provided the Pharmacy Monitoring and Alarming solution for a nationwide security company with a pharmacy client. The security company provided standard burglar alarming for the pharmacy, but FDA regulations require accurate

Thermal cameras used to study the electrocalorific effect’

Today’s refrigerator devices make use of coolants that turn into gases. Although these coolants form the basis of an effective cooling process, they may be harmful to the environment. But what if we could use solid materials instead of fluids

Versatile Lyophilizer for R&D or Production

Genesis Lyophilizer from SP Scientific Stone Ridge, NY, USA. — The Genesis Lyophilizer from SP Scientific has been designed with versatility in mind so that this freeze dryer can meet virtually any research, development or small-scale production lyophilization application. The Genesis

QIRT 2018 Conference in Berlin

25 – 29 June 2018 Berlin, Germany Deadline for Registration: 28 May 2018 Online —  The biannual Quantitative InfraRed Thermography (QIRT) Conference is a meeting of the scientific and industrial community interested and actively working in research, application and technology

New Low-Cost Solution for Real-Time Monitoring of Location, Temp & RH

FlashLink® In-Transit Pleasanton, CA, USA — FlashLink® In-Transit Real-Time Mini Logger from DeltaTrak provides customers real-time data from the cloud where it’s always visible, even before a shipment reaches the receiving dock. Stay up-to-date with the location, temperature and humidity of your products.

Climate march madness

Via “Briefly – Stuff that matters” By Nathanael Johnson “Snowmaking goes high-tech as ski resorts adapt to rapid melting.” “Producing artificial snow used to be a desperate move taken by ski areas within striking distance of surfing beaches. Now, the

Informative Spring 2018 Freeze Drying Webinars Program

FREE SP Scientific Education Program Online — The new Spring 2018 program of LyoLearn™ educational webinars has been announced by SP Scientific. Devoted to lyophilization current research interest and related topics, and delivered by industry experts, attendees to each of

A Consumer’s Guide to Food Safety: Severe Storms & Hurricanes

FOOD SAFETY RESOURCES BEFORE, DURING & AFTER AN EMERGENCY (Updated 06 Dec. 2017) Note: This article on the USDA (Dept. of Agriculture) Guide is an edited introduction with key web links. The online full text version is linked here and