NPL Measurement & Calibration Training Courses

21-25 May 2018 | NPL, Teddington, UK Temperature Measurement and Calibration Covering a range between –200 °C to 3000 °C, the course will concentrate on methods of measurement which are of greatest technological and industrial importance. Humidity Measurement and Calibration

Endress+Hauser releases self-calibrating RTD

iTHERM TrustSens hygienic RTD calibrates itself after every Sterilize operation Greenwood, IN, USA — Endress+Hauser announces the iTHERM TrustSens hygienic RTD, the world’s first self-calibrating temperature sensor. Trust Sens’ self-calibration process functions in situ and provides the necessary documentation to

TMZ Dual MODBUS Temperature Transmitter

Doubles temperature monitoring in a single unit NORTH HILLS, CA —  Announcing Moore Industries’ new TMZ Dual (2TPRG) PC-Programmable MODBUS Temperature Transmitter that enables users to increase density and reduce costs with dual RTD, thermocouple, mV, resistance or potentiometer inputs

Eurolec’s Portable Thermometer Tested

In the Harshest Environment Dundalk, Ireland — The most recent additions to the Eurolec range of instrumentation, the Pro-Com series (PC Temp PT1) of thermometers and probes have been put under test in one of the harshest environments in the

Automated Temperature Calibration

From Calibration TV Online — In episode 6, Calibration TV Host Dan Hall continues with the theme of AUTOMATING the calibration process, covering temperature sensor calibration. Dan gives a demonstration of the Fluke Calibration 1586A Precision Temperature Scanner and discusses

Wireless Thermocouple/RTD Monitoring & Logging

Battery-Powered! Norwalk, CT, USA. — Omega’s new Wireless Thermocouple & RTD Transmitter/Connector Series features stand-alone, compact, battery powered thermocouple & RTD connectors that transmit their readings back to a host receiver up to 120 m (400′) away. Each Wireless Thermocouple

How to Choose a Temperature Data Logger for Vaccine Storage

By CAS admin Online  —  Vaccine temperature data loggers are a cost-effective way to stay in compliance with CDC recommendations concerning proper vaccine storage. The CDC’s 2016 Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit states that the surest way to avoid losing

EURAMET Calibration & Technical Guides

Relating to Temperature & Humidity Online  —  EURAMET has published multiple calibration guides intended to improve harmonisation in the calibration of measuring instruments including temperature and moisture. Listed below are a few in these two categories. More are listed in

Low power precision ADC for sensor measurement

Maxim Integrated MAX11410 – 24-Bit Multi-Channel with PGA Online — Maxim’s MAX11410 is a new low-power, 10-channel 24-bit delta-sigma ADC optimized for precision sensor measurement. Its ultra-flexible analog input structure, combined with the five differential inputs of the device plus

Universal High Speed Data Logger

Designed and Manufactured by OMEGA Norwalk, CT, USA — OMEGA Engineering introduces: Multi-channel Universal Input Touch Screen Portable Data Loggers. The OM-DAQXL Series is an exciting new OMEGA exclusive portable handheld data logger that delivers high performance and functionality. This