CAN-measuring module for temp measurement with 4 Pt100s

M-RTD2 4 RTD Inputs, CAN-Bus
M-RTD2 4 RTD Inputs, CAN-Bus

Baden-Baden, Germany — With the M-RTD2, IPETRONIK has expanded its proven CAN-measuring modules of the M-Series to include a module for temperature measurement with platinum elements. The M-RTD2 has four electrically isolated measurement inputs. Pt100-sensors supporting 4-wire-technique can be used to acquire temperatures in a range of ?50 ??C to +450 ??C.


Each channel can be separately activated and scaled. The channel sampling rate is adjustable from one measured value per minute to 100 Hz.

The measuring range is digitised using a 16-Bit-Analog/Digital-converter. Since the Pt-sensor characteristic curve is exactly proportional only to a partial area, the entire measuring range is linearized via an internal polynomial calculation.

An 8th order Butterworth filter with 150 Hz is integrated as hardware filter. The accuracy at 25 ??C is ??0.10 ??C.

The measuring module has one separate constant current output per input channel (Pt-sensor) and an electrically isolated CAN-output 2.0B according to ISO 11898-2 with up to 1 Mbit/s transmission speed.

All measuring configuration settings can be made easily using the measurement data acquisition software IPEmotion.

M-RTD2 is designed for the demanding application of mobile measurement technology applications and can be used directly in the engine compartment.

The IP65-compliant module is built in the new housing design of the M2-Series with reduced dimensions of 102 mm x 43 mm x 55 mm (B x H x T). It operates in the temperature range of ?40 ??C to +125 ??C at a relative humidity of 5 % to 95 %.

The power supply is done via the 12-VDC- or 24-VDC-vehicle power supply and is completely galvanically isolated for the electronic measuring system. The switch-off voltage for the M-RTD2 device is 6 V.

The power consumption is generally 2.5 Watt but no more than 3.0 W, if four Pt100-sensors are connected. The M-RTD2 has a special fixing technique (attachment mechanism) for interconnecting the modules without tools.


“With the M-RTD2 IPETRONIIK offers a special measuring module for Pt100-sensors for the applications, which require a higher accuracy of the temperature measurement and/or a specific type of sensors,” clarified Harry St??rzer, Head of Application & Support at IPETRONIK.

“Due to the compact dimensions and the wide operating temperature range the M-RTD2 is suitable for the mobile temperature measurement; especially for HVAC-applications such as heating systems, temperature control units, engine cooling, thermal management of electronic and hybrid vehicles.

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