JUMO Train Sensor Awarded “Environmental Testing” Certificate According to EN 50 155

Test institute confirms exceptional quality under extreme conditions

Jumo PI 1917
JUMO screw-in RTD temperature probe with bayonet connector for railway technology

East Syracuse NY, USA?? –?? Measurement technology in railway vehicles is often subjected to extreme loads.

A test conducted by the Swiss Quincel institute has now provided impressive confirmation of the fact that the JUMO screw-in RTD temperature probe with bayonet connector for railway technology fulfills even the most stringent requirements.

The 902815 model was tested according to the EN 50 155 standard for the railway industry, and easily met the requirements for the institute’s Environmental Testing Certificate.

Among other things, this standard guarantees that the product can be used at an ambient temperature of between -40 and +85 ??C.

To verify this, the screw-in RTD temperature probe was subjected to intense temperature tests as well as an extensive range of vibration and shock tests according to EN 61373.

The compact??screw-in RTD temperature probe model 902815 comprises a protection tube with an integrated temperature sensor, a process connection, and an attached housing for the transmitter electronics.

The integrated two-wire transmitter can be programmed and converts the temperature value into a current signal of 4 to 20 mA.

The??screw-in RTD temperature probe can be used to measure temperatures from -50 to +150 ??C, and up to +260 ??C when used with an extension tube.

When used without a transmitter the potential temperature range is -50 to +260 ??C. The output signal of 4 to 20 mA or reversed 20 to 4 mA is available in temperature-linear form.

JUMO devices and systems are used on six continents to measure, control, and record physical parameters in a wide variety of industries and fields. User-friendly and reliable, they are available in any required number and configuration.

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