PF4 ??? Now with Humidity & Temp Probes

new PF4 measuring device
New PF4 measuring device
Bassersdorf, Switzerland — Rotronic is offering its PF4 series of differential pressure measurement transmitters with the new option of a connector for HygroClip2 probes, Pt100 4-wire temperature sensors or analog inputs.

This makes the device suitable for a wide range of applications.

The PF4 differential pressure transmitter is ideal for cleanrooms, operating rooms, to confirm fan operation particularly with HEPA filters and applications where even a minor difference in pressure can have a significant effect.

With this new PF4 measuring device, Rotronic has for the first time combined its core parameters of humidity and temperature with differential pressure.

Humidity is one of the most commonly measured variables in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

With the added measurement parameters of temperature and humidity, the PF4???s scope of application has increased considerably.

Owing to its thermal mass flow measurement functionality, the PF4 boasts very high long-term stability, requires no zero-point correction and is virtually insensitive to over pressure.

The PF4???s digital port enables direct integration with Rotronic HW4 validated software.

The PF4???s advantages at a glance:

  • High precision measurement and long-term stability
  • Fast response time with low hysteresis
  • Analog signals freely scalable
  • Integrated relay switch
  • High overload pressure range
  • Expandable with any HygroClip2 / Pt100 sensor or analog inputs
  • High immunity to dust and humidity in the medium

Further detailed information on the PF4 and other Rotronic measuring devices is available at or by telephone at +41 44 838 11 44.

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