The Burns Series A family of mini RTDs

Includes new Models A05 and A06

mini with rulerNew Models A05 & A06






E. Minnetonka MN, USA – A Miniature Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) product family, long a specialty of Burns Engineering, have been expanded with the addition of two new models to their Series A. There now are:

  • 6 unique configurations – thousands of uses
  • Diameters: 0.080″ to 0.250″
  • Range: -196 ??C to 200 ??C
  • Sheath: Stainless steel & PFA
  • Series A: Flexible, adaptable, fit-anywhere RTD with industry-leading accuracy!

For example: A01, 1/8″ Miniature RTDs

The A01 design delivers an extremely small profile sensor while exceeding Class A tolerances. When space is limited and accuracy and repeatability are a must, the A01 is the answer. The small diameter highly flexible sheath enables the sensor to maneuver into even the tightest spaces to secure your critical temperature measurements.

With unlimited installation possibilities, the A01 gives you maximum flexibility in a compact design.

Features and Benefits:

??? Application: Direct or indirect immersion in cryogenic and elevated temperature applications.
??? Easily ???snaked??? into difficult to reach areas. Ideal for vial or sample cell measurements.
??? Accuracy: Precision, 0.05%
??? Tip: 316 stainless steel, 0.125″ diameter, 1.250″ length
??? Sensitive Length: 0.40″
??? Element/Lead Wire Configuration: Single 3 or 4 wire
??? Wire: 32 AWG PTFE insulated wires with PFA sheath
??? Cleanability: 316 stainless steel tip and PFA cable jacket

Learn more about this Model and the rest, including the two new ones:

A02 | 3/16″ Miniature RTD
A03 | 1/4″ Miniature RTD
A04 | PFA Sheath Miniature RTD
A05 | 1/8″ Miniature RTD w/Cable Extension (NEW!)
A06 | PFA Sheath Miniature RTD w/Cable Extension (NEW!)

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