Differential scanning calorimetry

With the Netzsch Instruments Maia DSC 200 F3

Westmont IL, USA –?? By applying a controlled temperature program (isothermal, heating or cooling at constant rates), phase changes can be characterized and/or the specific heat of a material can be determined. Used for thermal characterization of solids and liquids, including melting/crystallization behavior, decomposition behavior, purity determination, and specific heat.


* Melting/crystallization behavior
* Decomposition behavior
* Purity determination
* Specific heat
* Call for additional specific applications

Recommendations for Optimal Output:

* Sample Weight: 2-50mg optimal (if sample quantity is an concern, please call to discuss)

Particle Technology Labs, Ltd. was founded in 1992 by Richard F. Karuhn as an INDEPENDENT LABORATORY. Over the past 15 years we have grown to be the the leading independent service laboratory for particle characterization in the United States. They offer analytical solutions to many of the top pharmaceutical, environmental, food, health, beauty and industrial companies worldwide. Contact them to discuss the following analyses:

  • Dynamic Viscosity
  • Dynamic Viscosity Instrumentation
  • Conductivity
  • LOI (Loss on Ignition)
  • Solids Determination (Total Suspended & Total Dissolved)
  • pH
  • Refractive Index
  • Loss on Drying

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