New Oilfield Thermal Profile & Investigation Service

Schlumberger Launches New?? OPTICall Service that?? tracks fluid movements in real time along the wellbore to improve field productivity

DOHA – Schlumberger announced at the 2009 International Petroleum Technology Conference the release of its OPTICall* thermal profile and investigation service. This new distributed temperature sensing (DTS) service tracks fluid movements in real time along the wellbore, helping to detect leaks, monitor gas lift and evaluate fractures to improve field productivity.

???This unique on-demand service combines the features of permanent fiber-optic DTS systems and the ease of use of standard slickline systems,??? said Claude Durocher, Slickline business manager, Schlumberger. ???The OPTICall service offers a low-risk, economical way to troubleshoot issues in all types of wells.???

Schlumberger has successfully run the OPTICall service offshore and on land in more than 250 wells in 11 countries.

The OPTICall service is enabled by OpticLine* fiber-optic line, which provides a thermal profile along the entire length of the line continuously in real time, providing immediate answers onsite. This fiber-optic line, which is deployed in a single run using slickline-type intervention, monitors dynamic temperature events with minimal interference. OpticLine can also run conventional production logging tools in memory mode while monitoring, for single-trip efficiency.

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The OPTICall thermal profile and investigation service can be used for leak detection, gas lift optimization, fracture evaluation, and other applications.

On-demand deployment makes the service a highly-efficient, low-risk method of investigation for diagnostic and well maintenance operations.
The OPTICall service is ideal for mature wells completed before DTS was available or where the installation of permanent DTS was uneconomical.

** Fiber-Optic Line Brochure (732 KB PDF)

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