DI-4108 USB DAQ Product Preview

Continuing to fill our new product pipeline with state-of-the-art USB data acquisition products, DATAQ Instruments announces model DI-4108. The 4108 complements the previously announced model DI-4208. Both products are identical except for measurement range, and both support DATAQ Instruments’ new ChannelStretch™ technology to provide seamless channel expansion to a limit of 128 analog and 112 Read More

DI-4208 USB DAQ Product Preview

DATAQ Instruments previews its new model DI-4208 USB data acquisition system (DAQ) slated for release in August, 2017. This new instrument reinforces DATAQ Instruments’ extensive line of USB data acquisition (USB DAQ) products to offer easy channel expansion and measurements up to 100 Volts full scale. Features at a glance: Eight armored analog differential inputs Programmable Read More

Ultra-Tiny, 16-Bit ADCs with 10ppm/??C Max Precision Reference

Milpitas, CA, USA — The LTC2460/LTC2462 from Linear Technology are ultra tiny, 16-Bit analog-to-digital converters with an integrated precision reference. They use a single 2.7V to 5.5V supply and communicate through an SPI Interface. The LTC2460 is single-ended with a