Versatile Single Experiment Heating Block

New, Modular DrySyn UNO Isleham, UK. —  Asynt announces DrySyn UNO, a versatile new heating block system designed to enable chemists to perform heated and stirred experiments in single flasks and vials. The DrySyn UNO uses DrySyn MULTI inserts to

Optimised Air-cooled Condenser for Small Scale Reactions

Asynt CondenSyn MINI Waterless condenser Isleham, UK  —  Asynt have introduced the CondenSyn Mini – a new high performance air condenser optimised for small scale synthetic chemical reactions performed in 5, 10, and 25 ml flasks. Just 20 cm long

2015 DrySyn Classic Heating Block

Even Faster & Better Than Oil Baths Isleham, UK — New engineering techniques have enabled Asynt to develop the latest generation of DrySyn Classic Heating Blocks which deliver faster heating rates and unmatched safety features. Completely compatible with all previous

Reactor System Optimised for Exothermic & Large Scale Reactions

Asynt Ltd.introduces Baffled Controlled Lab Reactor** Isleham, UK  —  By using specially designed PTFE baffle blades together with a PTFE turbine stirrer, Asynt now offers scientists a new version of their 5000 ml ReactoMate Controlled Lab Reactor system, a baffled

“Laboratory Heating Blocks”

In Best Practice Guide IIsleham, UK — Asynt, in conjunction with the Department of Chemistry, University of St Andrews (UK) and Advanced Chemical Safety Inc. (USA), have produced an 8-page illustrated document to provide laboratory staff with an IN BEST

PTFE Components for Lab Reactor Systems

Chemically Inert | Non-scratch Surfaces Isleham, UK — Asynt has announced a new range of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) components, including lids, stirrers, stirrer guides, temperature probe holders and clamps for its own and other brands of controlled lab reactors. PTFE offers