Measure Surface Temperature of Cooling Metal for Quality Welds

App Note From CAS DataLoggers Online — CAS DataLoggers provided the dataTaker datalogging solution for a welding company manufacturing a wide variety of metal parts. In many of their jobs workers needed to measure surface temperature of long lengths of

Water Quality Data Logger App

From dataTaker | For Coal Mine Runoff Online  —  CAS DataLoggers provided an intelligent water quality data logging solution for an open-cut coal mine to monitor high salinity water runoff into local retaining ponds with a Water Quality Data Logger.

Incubator Monitoring Wireless Temperature Monitoring

In Vitro Clinic Uses Accsense ONLINE  —  CAS DataLoggers provided the automated incubator Accsense Wireless Current Data Logger monitoring and alarm system for an in vitro fertilization clinic which needed a wireless setup to monitor and alarm several double stack

How to Select the Right Water Level Data Logger

Learn how with CAS DataLoggers! Online —  Water level measurements are quickly becoming one of the more common data logging applications. Driving this need are several industries and market segments including environmental regulation, municipal water departments, agriculture, and more. At

New LAN-Wired Temperature Monitoring Kit from Accsense

Monitor Temps in Refrigerators or Freezers with Alarm Capability Online — Do you need an easy way to monitor product temperature in Refrigerators, Freezers and Walk-in Coolers? CAS DataLoggers has an affordable and reliable solution. The Accsense Refrigerator/Freezer Monitoring Starter

Using Data Loggers to Find Cooler Zones in a Greenhouse

Monitoring Setup Aids in Climate Control Chesterland, OH, USA. — CAS Data Loggers recently provided the data logging solution for a small greenhouse currently cultivating several species of herbs for cooking and medicinal purposes. From potting to product, each variety

T&D and CAS Dataloggers are Back from Pittcon

At CAS DataLoggers we’re just back from Pittcon, the world’s largest annual exposition for laboratory science! Together with T&D we showed our visitors the future of data collection—wireless data loggers! T&D’s WiFi temperature monitoring and cloud technology is an ideal…
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How to Choose a Temperature Data Logger for Vaccine Storage

By CAS admin Online  —  Vaccine temperature data loggers are a cost-effective way to stay in compliance with CDC recommendations concerning proper vaccine storage. The CDC’s 2016 Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit states that the surest way to avoid losing

What Are Solid-State Temperature Sensors?

By admin Online  —  Temperature measurements are among the most common data logging applications found across a broad variety of industries including cold chains, medical monitoring, and more. Read more in CAS DataLoggers’s latest White Paper (see copy below, courtesy

Optimize Batch Oven Process with Temperature Profiling

Grant Oven Temperature Profiling Kit Chesterland, OH, USA — Whether you’re preheating, drying or curing a part, oven temperature data is integral to operation audits for batch ovens and other types of process oven applications. Looking at  performance, one can