Portable Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers

Prices start at $60 US Norwalk, CT, USA. — The Omega Engineering Model OM-90 Series are portable, battery operated, temperature (OM-91) and temperature/humidity (OM-92) data loggers. The OM-90 Series data loggers offer accurate and repeatable logging for temperature and relative

FDA Cites Hospitals Over Reporting Procedures

Data loggers provide accuracy and reliability for validation autoclave cycles Online — Three Massachusetts hospitals are in the spotlight after federal regulators say they failed to properly report patient deaths and injuries that may have been caused by medical devices.

MadgeTech CF200 Data Logger Canning Fixture for Food Processors

Online — MadgeTech is excited to announce the release of the new, versatile CF200 canning fixture, designed to help food processors and manufacturers comply with FDA regulations. The CF200 is ideal for securing a variety of data logger probe sizes

Cloud-based Temp & RH monitoring

Revolutionary Technology by Testo Limited Alton, UK — Testo Saveris 2 uses revolutionary technology to make analysis both easier and more accurate than ever before. The Testo Saveris 2’s unique system has been expertly developed by Testo’s measurement technology specialists

Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit for Pest Control

Wireless Temperature Data Loggers Document Best Practices CHESTERLAND OH, USA — As pest control season rapidly approaches, exterminators and pest control companies are getting ready to face the dilemma of monitoring and documenting temperatures during the extermination process. With CAS

Monitor w/Alarms For Medical Freezer Temps

High-Quality Data Loggers Protect Prescription Medicines CHESTERLAND OH, USA?? –?? CAS DataLoggers recently provided the temperature monitoring and alarming solution for a nationwide security company with a pharmacy client who required additional alarming for their 3 medical refrigerators. These storage

Portable Solutions for Engine Temperature Monitoring

Grant Squirrel SQ2020 Series Data Loggers CHESTERLAND OH, USA — Customers monitoring the temperatures of cooling systems built for large diesel engine-driven generators and other power generation systems need a convenient way to take temperature and other readings at precise

NEW: dataTaker DT85 Intelligent Universal Input Data Logger

Intelligent Automated Solution for Machine Monitoring: The Smart Logger CHESTERLAND OH, USA ??? — In factories and manufacturing plants across the country, personnel continue to rely on error-prone manual measurements to protect and maintain their high-performance equipment. To save on

CAS DataLoggers at Pittcon 2012

March 11-15 Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida CHESTERLAND OH, USA — CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce it will be exhibiting at the upcoming Pittcon Conference & Expo 2012, the world’s largest annual conference and exposition for laboratory

Choosing a Data Logger

Always easy when you ask the right questions CHESTERLAND OH, USA ??? Solutions providers regularly speak with customers to address the key question: ???Which of your products is best for my oven temperature application???? Whether you are an engineer planning