DeFelsko PosiTector Dew Point Meter

PosiTector® DPM & PosiTector® IRT Online  —  Dew Point Meters for Environmental Monitoring The PosiTector DPM family measures a number of climatic parameters including relative humidity, air temperature and surface temperature enabling it to calculate dew point temperature and the

NEW Multifunction hand-held meter with data logging function

Omniport 30 from E+E Elektronik Franklin MA, USA — The new Omniport 30 from E+E Elektronik is a robust hand-held meter that meets the highest requirements. A wide range of interchangeable sensing probes allows for use in various applications. Up

New Vaisala Instruments Industrial Catalog

Helsinki, Finland –?? Vaisala’s new industrial product catalog has been published. The catalog presents Vaisala’s instruments for measuring humidity, temperature, dew point, moisture in oil, carbon dioxide, pressure and different weather parameters.