NEW Hi Power Wireless Temps & RH Xmitter

Monitor & Record Analog Voltage & Current, Temps, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure Over an Ethernet network or the Internet With a?? Web Browser

zSeries Family

Stamford CT, USA — The rugged high-performance, high power OMEGA?? zSeries wireless sensor/transmitter system provide Web-based monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, and Barometric Pressure, as well as thermocouples and any transducer with analog voltage or current output. (more…)

Monitor Fridge Temps Wirelessly

Setup Less Than 1 Minute (Phone & Text Alerts FREE)


Midvale UT, USA — Monnit provides a wireless temperature monitoring solution for commercial food refrigeration. Maintaining an optimal temperature in your food storage coolers allows you to keep your food fresh longer.

If the temperature falls above or below the optimal range, costly spoilage and waste can occur. Monnit can help you maintain the proper temperature in your food coolers and alert you if the temperature shifts or a cooler door has been left open.

Watch the video to see how quick & easy the setup is—-> (more…)

Ten New Wireless Sensors

Accurate to ?? 0.5 ??C (1 ??F) over -40 ??C to +125 ??C

Salt Lake City UT, USA ??? Monnit Corporation introduces a low cost wireless temperature sensor along with nine other types of wireless sensors. The sensors currently use a USB receiver at the computer level to transmit all of the sensor data to your choice of either the MonnitSphere??? Online Monitoring Service or the MonnitSphere??? Local PC computer application. (more…)