Troubleshoot Airflow, Temp & RH Problems with New Meter Series

Extech 510 Series Helps HVACR & IAQ Pros Online —  Extech recently announced the launch of several environmental meter series optimized for HVACR and Indoor Air Quality professionals. The series includes an airflow meter, a combination hygro-thermometer and psychrometer, and

Omega’s IR Thermal Imager

Thermal Imager with Ethernet Connection for $1990 (US)! Stamford CT, USA — While we were all sleeping, Omega Engineering one-upped just about everyone in the Infrared Thermal Imaging world. They dropped the price of their extremely low cost, 47 x

Uncooled IR Cameras & Detectors

Market Report: NEW Uncooled IR Cameras & Detectors for Thermography and Vision Lyon, France — Initially developed for the military market by US defense companies, use of uncooled infrared (IR) cameras in commercial applications has been growing over the last