Ensure Heat Sink Efficiency

The Tactilus Heat Sink System

Madison, NJ, USA — Computers get very hot! Heat sinks need to efficiently conduct heat away from the electronic components that generate this heat. Even a slight warping of the heat exchange structure or reduction in surface contact area can have a profound effect on cooling efficacy. If the pressure distribution is not uniform, heat conduction will be low, and the electronics may overheat.

The new Tactilus?? heat-sink analysis system by Sensor Products Inc. enables research and design engineers to quickly and precisely test and correct the surface contact and pressure distribution between the heat sink and its source. (more…)

PCBA in a Wind Tunnel

Watch Thermal Management in Action

Online –?? Mike Haskell of Advanced Thermal Solutions is featured in the latest issue of Surface Mount Technology magazine. Using a miniature wind tunnel, he demonstrates how heat sinks change air velocity to cool printed circuit board (PCB) components. In a video, featured on www.electroiq.com, and in a smaller version (below),?? Mike talks about PCB heat sink design and instrumentation. (more…)