Vaisala New Interchangeable Dual RH & Temp Probes + New TMP1 Probe

Convenience, Compatibility and Continuous Accuracy

Vaisala Indigo family includes intelligent, interchangeable measurement probesOnline  —  The new Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Probes HMP4, HMP5, HMP7, HMP8 and the Vaisala Temperature probe TMP1 are part of Vaisala’s Indigo product family and will complement previously announced Indigo family members GMP250 series and the HPP272.

The probes share several common key features.

The most dominant feature is their interchangeability, which minimizes the downtime associated with maintenance. This together with the probes’ superior accuracy and stability brings high value to customers’ businesses, as they reduce costs and resource needs.

The probes interchangeable nature makes calibration and replacing them also convenient. (more…)