Review: Take control of your closest environment with the Foobot air monitor

By Marko Maslakovic
Online  — Most people don’t know that pollution sources indoors are more diverse and numerous than outdoors.

In fact, the air indoors can be up to five times worse than outdoors!

This plays a huge role in your well-being. As you breathe in unhealthy air, you increase your chances of developing long-term diseases such as asthma, lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.

There are also some short term effects such as colds, allergies and poor sleeping quality.

The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) has long been used as an indicator and can be measured by low-cost sensors. However, there is more than CO2 that should be measured. (more…)

Cloud-based Temp & RH monitoring

Revolutionary Technology by Testo Limited

Savaris: Cloud-based temp and RH monitoring
Savaris: Cloud-based temp and RH monitoring

Alton, UK — Testo Saveris 2 uses revolutionary technology to make analysis both easier and more accurate than ever before.

The Testo Saveris 2’s unique system has been expertly developed by Testo’s measurement technology specialists in Germany’s Black Forest.

This enables users to monitor both temperature and humidity levels easily, anytime and anywhere.

This is without compromising security, or any time consuming software.

How it works: (more…)

FREE Temp/Humidity Measurement Good Practice Online

Brush up Your Temperature – Humidity Measuring Know-how & Test Your Skills!
Online – The UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Measurement Network guides aim to improve measurement understanding and technical competence with short online modules.

Two of their online subjects are Temperature Measurement and Humidity, Brush up on your knowledge and test your skills at the web links below:

New Wireless Temp & Humidity Xmitter

Features Fastest, Simplest Installation Ever
Helsinki, Finland — Vaisala has launched a new wireless version of its Continuous Monitoring System (CMS)* which allows secure monitoring, alarming and reporting of temperature, relative humidity, CO2, differential pressure, contacts and other critical parameters in Life Science applications.

Thanks to its ability to connect to any existing network and therefore eliminating the need for any extra transmitter equipment, the new device – the Vaisala HUMICAP?? Wireless Humidity and Temperature Transmitter HMT140 – significantly reduces the costs of installation when compared to similar systems.

First Personal Weather Station For iOS Devices

An Urban Weather Station for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Screen Shot_Netatmo
Netatmo, a company dedicated to designing products that monitor the weather and environment, unveils its Urban Weather Station, a new device specifically designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that allows users to monitor indoor and outdoor environmental elements including temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2 levels and more. (more…)

New Digital Humidity/Temp Sensors from IST AG

Wattwil, Switzerland, — Integrated signal processing, fully calibrated, excellent long term stability in harsh environments, available in 4-pin subminiature ceramic IC module construction. The Hygrochip series digital humidity sensors combine the advantages of a precise capacitive humidity sensor element with the high integration density and functionality of an ASIC.

The integrated signal processor receives the measured data and directly delivers the physical parameters of relative humidity and temperature over an I2C compatible interface.

WeatherPlan USA iPhone App Updated

Ver. 1.3 Adds NOAA Watches, Warnings & Advisories

Stockholm, Sweden – Unit Networks is thrilled to announce the release of WeatherPlan USA 1.3, their custom weather notifications app for iPhone and iPod touch. The latest update adds notifications of NOAA Watches, Warnings, Advisories and Statements to the already comprehensive customizable weather alerts. (more…)