360-degree panoramic view infrared lens

New optics solution from VTT

a monolithic lens element that folds a panoramic field of view on a single thermal sensor matrixOnline — VTT has developed a new solution for thermal infrared applications, making it possible to fold a 360-degree panoramic view on a single sensor matrix.

The concept guaranteeing optimal image quality is especially suitable for security, surveillance, military, and building diagnostic applications, where the objects to be imaged lie in the horizontal directions from the camera.

In thermal imaging, infrared radiation emitted by objects being imaged is detected and used for showing the temperature variations of the target scene in the form of an image.

The fields of application for this technology and its use have been growing steadily, including military systems, building diagnostics, electrical or mechanical inspection, medicine, surveillance, bioeconomy, firefighting, and many others, where there is a recurring need to cover a wide horizontal field of view in the imaging. (more…)