Non-contact infrared thermometers for measuring body temperature in acutely ill children: a method comparison study

Bibliographic record of a health technology assessment undertaken by a member of INAHTA*


Nonthermofocus-contact infrared thermometers for measuring body temperature in acutely ill children: a method comparison study. Health Technology Assessment

Authors’ objectives

Fever in young children is very common, and doctors measure a child’s temperature to help them decide whether the child can be kept at home or needs to go in to hospital. National guidelines recommend measuring temperature whenever a child is ill using a digital thermometer in the armpit or an infrared thermometer in the ear.

However, both of these types of thermometers can be difficult to use in unwell children who are not cooperating with the doctor.

A new type of thermometer, the non-contact infrared thermometer, can measure temperature very quickly without touching the child. However, a recent review found that at present there is not enough research evidence to recommend their widespread use.

In this study we aim to assess whether non-contact thermometers are as good at measuring temperature as digital armpit or infrared ear thermometers.

We will also compare their ability to detect a fever and the number of times they fail to work (either because the child won’t cooperate or the device doesn’t work) with these standard types.

We will ask parents and children what they think about the different types of thermometers, and interview some parents in more detail about this. We will see whether non-contact thermometers produce similar results when the measurement is repeated in the same child.

Since some non-contact thermometers are much more expensive than others, we will assess two brands:Read ore at the link below.

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Review: LASRZ LT550 Shows Great Features in Low-cost IRTs

Comfort Grip | Easy Controls | Backlit Screen

LASRZ LT550 package
LASRZ LT550 package

Online — A newcomer to the low-cost handheld Infrared Thermometer scene is dubbed the LASRZ by its US Supplier from Warner Robbins, Georgia.

This smooth new devices focuses on its laser pointer but hides the multitude of its design features from clear sight – it’s a great little gadget at a very reasonable price.

It’s a tiny bit smaller than the venerable MiniTemp but so much smoother that one feels right at home with it the moment you pick it up.

The controls are handy, the backlit display clear and easy to read and the features are many.

We compared both the features and the apparent calibration accuracy with three devices, the Minitemp, the LASRZ and the familiar ThermaTwin under identical conditions, side-by-side.

All were excellent, but the LASRZ stood out. (more…)

NEW: DexTempTM 1000 Infrared Thermometer

Powered through PC USB Port

DexTempTM 1000

Dexter, MI, USA  —  The Dexter Research Center DexTempTM 1000 is a small economical calibrated non-contact alerting thermometer for monitoring the temperature of objects using infrared technology.

The DexTempTM 1000 works in conjunction with a Windows® based computer and is powered via the computer’s USB port. The easy to install software, features real-time temperature plots, over and under temperature SMS text and Email alerts, and data logging on your computer.

The user can set over temperature and under temperature alert limits that notify by SMS text and email when an alert threshold has been met or exceeded, as well as notification on your computer.

The DexTempTM 1000 is based on Dexter’s leadership in infrared thermopile technology, and supports easy set-up for measuring temperature without contact with an object. (more…)

DigiThermo Digital Baby Thermometer

An Infrared Ear Thermometer

Just-Brill_product_imageBrighton, UK — Just-Brill has announced that their DigiThermo digital baby thermometer is recommended as one of the must-have items needed by new parents.

It is a fact of life that babies get ill and run a fever. Before calling the pediatrician, it’s important to have an accurate reading of the infant’s temperature.

The features of this high quality thermometer make it ideal as a gift for new parents.

The DigiThermo operates on the principle of infrared readings inside the ear. (more…)

Turn a Smartphone into a Non-contact IR Thermometer

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Cleveland OH, USA — Robogaia Industries is using Kickstarter to seek funding for a product called Kalt, an infrared sensor that plugs into an iPhone???s phone jack and turns the smartphone into a precise, non-contact thermometer.

The Cleveland-based company is looking to raise $10,000 over the next three weeks to cover development and manufacturing costs. (more…)

Comparing Thermal Imaging Cameras & IR Thermometers

fliratspr57-image_smlCroissy-Beaubourg. FRANCE — FLIR Systems has published a comparison of the benefits of using a thermal imaging camera versus an Infrared thermometer for non-contact measurement of temperature across a range of industrial and scientific R&D applications.

Infrared (IR) thermometers are reliable and very useful for single-spot temperature readings, but, for scanning large areas or systems, it???s easy to miss critical components that may be near failure and need repair or replacement. A FLIR thermal imaging camera can scan entire systems, components, or panels in one go, never missing any overheating hazards, even very small ones. (more…)

Range of Cyclops portable thermometers expanded

Now Includes 6 Models

Cyclops 160B+ used as a transfer standard
Cyclops 160B+ used as a transfer standard

Dronfield, UK & Pittsburgh PA, USA — LAND has revised its entire range of Cyclops portable infrared thermometers, which includes the new models, the Cyclops 100B+ and the 160B+. All new Cyclops thermometers now have Bluetooth wireless technology as standard.

The complete range now includes: