New InfraTec GmbH product catalogue

Combines expertise & product details Dresden / GERMANY. — Extensive background information on infrared sensors and an elaborate redesign transform the revised InfraTec product catalogue into an even more valuable reference book The InfraTec product range of pyroelectric detectors has

New infrared detector interface boosts camera full-frame rate

High-speed infrared camera ImageIR?? 8300 hp (high performance) Dresden, Germany — InfraTec??s ImageIR?? camera series is getting another upgrade,?? with the new ImageIR?? 8300 hp version thermal imaging enters a new era of high-speed thermography. The implementation of a digitally-interfaced

VarioCAM?? HD: Thermal camera features superzoom lens & HD resolution

Real-time Thermography in HD Quality — an essential tool for the professional user Dresden / GERMANY?? –?? Now available in the mobile equipment versions ???research??? and ???inspect??? as well as the stationary version ???head???. The individual equipment is essential for

Real-time Thermography in HD Quality

The new VarioCAM?? HD with up to 240 fps!!! Dresden, GERMANY — Excellent quality, unique features and great handling ??? this are qualities of our new camera series VarioCAM?? High Definition which makes it an essential tool for the professional

ImageIR?? 9300: InfraTec’s New High-speed Microthermographic Imager

ImageIR?? 9300: Thermographic Capturing of Smallest Components & Structures With Highest Frame Rates Dresden, Germany — InfraTec introduces another top-of-the-line product of its high-end camera series ImageIR ?? with the new thermographic high-resolution camera ImageIR?? 9300. This is the first