InfraTec Participates in the EU’s SPIRIT Project

Simpler robot-supported automatic inspection Online — Together with seven European partners from science and industry, InfraTec is working on next-generation inspection-robot technology as part of the EU research project SPIRIT. The technology will be used in industry for completely different

InfraTec’s New High-speed Mode in ImageIRÆ cameras

Two in One Dresden / GERMANY —  High-end thermal infrared camera series ImageIRÆ from InfraTec with new high-speed mode for higher frame rates and increased thermal resolution at the same time When solving demanding thermal measurement and testing tasks, users

ImageIR® Series Thermal Infrared Cameras Have New Functions

MicroScan Quadruples the Image Format Dresden, Germany. —  With MicroScan, InfraTec is introducing for the first time the possibility to quadruple the image format for a radiometric thermography camera used in the civil sector with cooled FPA photondetector. The function

NEW CompactIR 400Thermal Infrared Inspection Camera from InfraTec

The First of its Kind Dresden, Germany  —  The latest handheld thermographic camera from InfraTec extends the segment of the entry level cameras by a unique detector format Thermographic cameras for mobile applications have hugely developed technically in recent years.

New LRM-284 Miniaturised Multi channel Infrared Detectors

InfraTec extends its family of current mode multi channel IR detectors Dresden, Germany  —  Pyroelectric infrared detectors in current mode have been the state-of-the-art for a long time. Anyone looking for miniaturised multi channel detectors with this operating mode will

InfraTec’s new series of miniaturized multi-channel infrared detectors

The channel filters now inside the detectors Dresden / GERMANY — Space and Cost Saving: Due to the minimized stack design, users of these miniaturized 4 and 2  channel detectors,  LRM-254 & LRM-202 ,gain important new flexibility and benefit directly

New miniaturized two-channel infrared detectors

Enhance product series at InfraTec Dresden/ GERMANY — After launching the LRM?254 just a few months ago, InfraTec has expanded its range of miniaturized multi-channel detectors. With the LRM-102 and LRM-202 a pair of two-channel detectors with an aperture opening

More speed for thermographic cameras with MCT detectors

High-speed configuration increases range of apps of InfraTec’s ImageIRÆ 8300 Dresden, Germany — International users of thermographic cameras are partially subject to quite different import regulations. It is crucial for them to be able to choose from as many cameras

VarioCAM/E HD head high-resolution thermography

Brilliance down to the smallest detail | From InfraTec Dresden, Germany  —  VarioCAMÆ HD head offers high-resolution thermography for stationary use in the most varied of sectors and application areas The thermal imaging cameras of the series VarioCAMÆ HD head

World’s first thermal infrared camera with a cooled detector of 1,920 × 1,536 pixels

The Pixel Millionaire – ImageIR 103000 Dresden, Germany — Radiometric thermal imaging camera with the largest cooled detector for industry and science in the world. Just in time for the 25th anniversary of the company, InfraTec is presenting its new