New Ratio Pyrometer for Mid Temperature Range

IGAR 320, an affordable IR ratio pyrometer

Santa Clara, CA, USA – LumaSense Technologies, Inc. has announced the release of the IGAR 320 two-color pyrometer for non-contact measurement of industrial processes such as metal processing as well as vacuum processes and laser applications.

“This new product provides non-contact temperature measurement in ratio mode in a relative low temperature range,” explains Daniel Schueftan, LumaSense’s global product manager for pyrometers.

“It is based on our well-established Series 320 and is an affordable solution for some extended applications.”

The pyrometer measures using the ratio (2-color) method, in which two adjacent wavelengths are used for the temperature determination. (more…)

Webinar: Automated Thermal Infrared Imaging for Remote Substation Monitoring

September 26th by Lenny Shaver of LumaSense

banner_webinar_ts724Online — Learn how the use of remote Monitoring & Diagnostics (M&D) can improve operations and how to enable Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) strategies using thermal infrared cameras.

We will also provide recent case studies to share how others in the industry are deploying remote cameras to monitor critical assets.

In this webinar, you can learn more about:

  • Typical assets to monitor and protect using Thermal Infrared Imaging
  • Benefits of asset monitoring and management
  • Components of a complete automated thermography camera system
  • Case studies using Thermal Infrared Imaging
  • Why over 3,000 customers are using LumaSense solutions to protect their assets


LumaSense Adds Avio Portable Thermal IR Imagers to Product Lineup

NEW Imagers Are Robust Thermal Infrared Imaging Cameras

Thermo GEAR G120 EX / G100 EX
Thermo GEAR G120 EX / G100 EX

Santa Clara, CA, USA – –  LumaSense Technologies, Inc., announced its partnership with Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd., an NEC Group Company, to distribute Avio portable imagers in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

“We pride ourselves in being a comprehensive solution provider to our customers, and Avio infrared imagers enhance our ability to do that,” said LumaSense CEO Steve Abely. “

We now have the most robust portfolio of infrared temperature sensing equipment available to energy, industrial, and high tech manufacturers in the world,” continued Abely.

“We picked LumaSense to be our distributor for Avio imagers because of their expertise in temperature products and their deep customer relationships,” said Masa Kuramoto, Chief Specialist of Nippon Avionics’ Thermal Imaging Division.

“LumaSense’s imaging software is very sophisticated and really brings out the quality of our imagers,” added Kuramoto.


Lumasense at CIGRE Conference in Paris

Slows High Impact Solutions for the Global Energy Market

Solutions for Power Generators
Solutions for Power Generators

PARIS, France ??? LumaSense Technologies, Inc. will exhibit a suite of products designed to enable customers to continuously monitor Load Tap Changers (LTCs) and transformers at the 2014 CIGRE Conference & Exposition in Paris,?? 25 – 29 August 2014.

CIGRE, the Council on Large Electric Systems, is an international non-profit association consisting of over 2500 energy experts for promoting collaboration with colleagues from all around the world by sharing knowledge and joining forces to improve electric power systems of today and tomorrow.

LumaSense Technologies provides energy sector solutions, specifically sensors connected to software platforms that gather, visualize, and analyze data which can enable energy producers to protect, optimize and extend the life of their valuable assets. (more…)

Keeping Transformers Online

How do you currently monitor your transformers?

blog_banner_infographic_transformersSanta Clara CA, USA?? –?? Transformers are getting older and electricity demands are expected to increase by 19% over the next 10 years.

Monitoring transformers and keeping them online is essential to meeting increasing demands with older equipment.

Traditionally, transformers are monitored with manual methods such as manual samples and manual analysis.

Using sensors with intelligence allows utility managers to monitor transformers daily from afar. (more…)

Monitoring Float Glass Production Temps

Accurate and precise temperature measurement is critical

Float glass productionSanta Clara CA, USA — There are over 200 float glass production plants worldwide. They produce over 60 million tons (about 7.5 billion square meters) of flat glass annually!

But float glass production can be expensive due to the high cost of transportation and energy required for glass melting (often up to 1700 ??C). In order to reduce costs, these plants tend to be regionally distributed to minimize the high costs of transportation and tend to operate continuously to minimize losses. (more…)

Furnace Exit-Gas Temperature (FEGT) Measurement System

FEGT & BoilerSpection System Configuration
FEGT & BoilerSpection System Configuration

Santa Clara CA, USA — Continuously measure Furnace Exit-Gas Temperature (FEGT) using Non-Contact Infrared Sensors to optimize overall performance of boilers and furnaces under varying conditions of coal quality, load, ash fouling, and slagging.