“How often does it really rain?”

By Kevin E. Trenberth* and Yongxin Zhang**, Published Online: 2 August 2017 *National Center for Atmospheric Research1 (NCAR) Boulder, CO, USA https://doi.org/10.1175/BAMS-D-17-0107.1 Abstract Hourly precipitation observations at 0.25° allow much improved estimates of the frequency of rain or snow. Precipitation

Extreme downpours could increase fivefold across parts of the U.S.

By lsnider BOULDER, CO, USA. — At century’s end, the number of summertime storms that produce extreme downpours could increase by more than 400 % across parts of the United States — including sections of the Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast,

Soil moisture, snowpack data could help predict ‘flash droughts’

By lsnider BOULDER, Colo. — New research suggests that “flash droughts” — like the one that unexpectedly gripped the Southern Rockies and Midwest in the summer of 2012 — could be predicted months in advance using soil moisture and snowpack

Rising temperatures challenge Salt Lake City’s water supply

BOULDER CA, USA -???In an example of the challenges western cities will face in a warming world, new research shows that every degree Fahrenheit of warming in the Salt Lake City region would mean a significant drop in the annual