Tools for Post Purification Sample Handling

Removing organic solvents

Waters 2767 Fraction Collector
Waters 2767 Fraction Collector

Ipswich, UK  —  Genevac have developed a suite of proprietary technological solutions to facilitate post purification sample handling, including reformatting.

For labs undertaking purification using Normal Phase HPLC, SFC or Flash chromatography, removal of organic solvents can be simply, productively and safely carried out in a Genevac centrifugal evaporator (EZ-2, ROCKET, Rocket Synergy or HT Series III).

Where the nature of the sample being concentrated can lead to solvent bumping (e.g. natural products), Genevac’s DriPure® technology is proven to completely eliminate this troublesome and time-consuming problem

The evaporation of aqueous acetonitrile (or methanol / ethanol) fractions resulting from Reverse Phase HPLC is a widely carried out application on many Genevac evaporator systems. (more…)