NEW iCelsius BBQ Cooking Sensor

iPod_screen with iCelsius
Bognor Regis, UK — The new iCelsius BBQ cooking probe is specifically designed to convert an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a digital thermometer. The right angled, stainless steel food penetration probe has a diameter of 7 mm with a pencil point sensing tip of 10 cm length.

The temperature range is 0 ??C to 250 ??C (32 ??F to 482 ??F) with an accuracy of ??1 ??C at 60 ??C (?? 1.8 ??F at 140 ??F). Read more NEW iCelsius BBQ Cooking Sensor

NEW High Performance Infrared Camera

TEL-1000 Features 3 Wavelength Options

TEL-1000 Infrared Camera

telops logo

QUEBEC, CANADA — Telops is pleased to announce the launch of its newest infrared camera. The TEL-1000 is a significant addition to Telops??? innovative line of cooled infrared cameras.

This expansion reinforces Telops??? position as a leader in the high performance infrared camera market. Currently shipping, the TEL-1000 is available in three different configurations; mid-wave, covering the 3 to 5 ??m range (MWIR), long-wave, covering the 8 to 11 ??m range (LWIR) and very long-wave, covering the 7.7 to 11.8 ??m range (VLWIR).

Like its famous predecessors, the FAST-IR 1000 and the HD-IR 1280, performance, ease of use and the ability to customize the instrument have been ingeniously integrated into the camera???s design. Read more NEW High Performance Infrared Camera

Huber Unistats?? offer focused power & quick responses???

Fast response times to temperature change are as critical in nature as they are in the laboratory.


Offenburg / Germany –?? When it comes to temperature control of a process, fast response times can be just as critical. With a temperature range from -120 to +425 ??C, Huber Unistats?? are designed for demanding temperature control applications where reliability, predictability and tight control are a necessity in a constantly changing reaction mass.

Critical process temperatures can be maintained despite mixing, ingredient addition, exothermic and endothermic reactions. The result of precise temperature control is increased yields, reduced resource consumption and lower running costs.

To demonstrate the rapid response times of the Unistat?? temperature control systems, Huber produced over 200 case studies which show how effective thermal transfer results in very rapid heating and cooling times. Read more Huber Unistats?? offer focused power & quick responses???

RIGID’s micro IR-100 IR Thermometer

Ultra Sharp Dual Class II Lasers easily illuminate the surface area being measured

Elyria OH, USA — The RIDGID micro IR-100 non-contact infrared thermometer provides simple, quick and accurate surface temperature readings at the push of a button. By squeezing the trigger and pointing the ultra-sharp dual class II lasers to spotlight the surface being measured, the micro IR-100 thermometer provides an immediate temperature measurement on a clear, easy-to-read backlit LCD display.

The rugged ergonomic pistol-style grip allows the user to keep a solid grip on the device in the harshest industrial environments. Read more RIGID’s micro IR-100 IR Thermometer

Video Demonstrates Benefits of Controlled Nucleation

ContoLyo Nucleation On-Demand
ContoLyo Nucleation On-Demand

Stone Ridge NY, USA –?? SP Scientific has broadcast a new video that demonstrates how ControLyo ??? Nucleation On-demand Technology can be used to control the nucleation of a product during freezing, such that the entire product nucleates at the same time and in the same way. Read more Video Demonstrates Benefits of Controlled Nucleation

FINEDEW??? low dew point version: FDW20

Yamatake launches a low dew point version of its compact chilled mirror hygrometer

Yamatake FDW20
FINEDEW??? low dew point version: FDW20

TOKYO, JAPAN – Yamatake Corporation of the azbil Group has announced that on November 16 it launched the FDW20, a low dew point version of the current FINEDEW??? chilled mirror hygrometer.??The FDW20 enables precise dew point measurement for drier atmospheres.

Humidity (dew point) is, along with temperature, one of the key thermal environment indices; it is typically measured at 25 ??C, 50% RH. In recent years, however, it has become increasingly important to measure the humidity (dew point) of drier atmospheres. Read more FINEDEW??? low dew point version: FDW20