NEW High Performance Infrared Camera

TEL-1000 Features 3 Wavelength Options QUEBEC, CANADA — Telops is pleased to announce the launch of its newest infrared camera. The TEL-1000 is a significant addition to Telops??? innovative line of cooled infrared cameras. This expansion reinforces Telops??? position as

Huber Unistats?? offer focused power & quick responses???

Fast response times to temperature change are as critical in nature as they are in the laboratory. Offenburg / Germany –?? When it comes to temperature control of a process, fast response times can be just as critical. With a

RIGID’s micro IR-100 IR Thermometer

Ultra Sharp Dual Class II Lasers easily illuminate the surface area being measured Elyria OH, USA — The RIDGID micro IR-100 non-contact infrared thermometer provides simple, quick and accurate surface temperature readings at the push of a button. By squeezing

Video Demonstrates Benefits of Controlled Nucleation

Stone Ridge NY, USA –?? SP Scientific has broadcast a new video that demonstrates how ControLyo ??? Nucleation On-demand Technology can be used to control the nucleation of a product during freezing, such that the entire product nucleates at the

FINEDEW??? low dew point version: FDW20

Yamatake launches a low dew point version of its compact chilled mirror hygrometer TOKYO, JAPAN – Yamatake Corporation of the azbil Group has announced that on November 16 it launched the FDW20, a low dew point version of the current

Vaisala Xmitter in MAN Diesel & Turbo 2 Stroke Diesels

Vaisala MMT330 Transmitter Approved for Installation in MAN Diesel & Turbo Two-Stroke Diesel Engines MAN Diesel & Turbo, the world market leader for large diesel engines used in ships, has approved the Vaisala HUMICAP?? Moisture and Temperature Transmitter MMT330 Series

NIST Director Visits REOTEMP Instruments

San Diego, CA ???- During a visit to Southern California, NIST Director Patrick Gallagher toured REOTEMP Instruments and met with company leaders about manufacturing innovation and competitiveness. In recent months, REOTEMP has undergone a Lean Manufacturing training program that was

New RTD Product Line

From QTI, known for their quality thermistors! Boise ID, USA –?? QTI???s Platinum Thin Film RTD temperature probes are manufactured with state of the art thin film Platinum RTD elements and materials designed to give superior temperature measurement and exceptional

Fastest Provider of Accurate & Reliable Lightning Info

Lightning information now available within 15 seconds in NLDN??! Vaisala has introduced a new feature to its National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN)?? that will provide customers with lightning information within 15 seconds, or in half the time than was previously