Thermoteknix Industrial Infrared Systems at FICEM 2017

FiCEM 2017 Technical Congress in Guatemala

Thermoteknix representatives at FICEM 2017 (from left) Hector Pacheco and Erica Gonzalez from JP Innovacion Tecnologica SA, our agent in the region and Bob, Thermoteknix Sales ManagerOnline. —  The FICEM participants were able to familiarize themselves with Thermoteknix’s latest infrared systems developments for cement and other industrial applications.

Among the showcased products were ThermaScope HDC and ThermaScope HDT kiln & cooler cameras along with ThermaScope HD Multi-View real time imaging, recording and analysis system.

The ThermaScope HD Multi-View records and stores the last 7 days of ThermaScope HD full frame rate image data and 60 days at 1 Hz frame rate.

This data can be replayed and analysed on the interactive timeline. Review kiln events such as light up, fuel change and the build up of ‘snowmen’.

Multi-View is available as an upgrade to add functionality to existing ThermaScope HD camera installations or for completely new systems. Read more Thermoteknix Industrial Infrared Systems at FICEM 2017