Thermoteknix Industrial Infrared Systems at FICEM 2017

FiCEM 2017 Technical Congress in Guatemala

Thermoteknix representatives at FICEM 2017 (from left) Hector Pacheco and Erica Gonzalez from JP Innovacion Tecnologica SA, our agent in the region and Bob, Thermoteknix Sales ManagerOnline. —  The FICEM participants were able to familiarize themselves with Thermoteknix’s latest infrared systems developments for cement and other industrial applications.

Among the showcased products were ThermaScope HDC and ThermaScope HDT kiln & cooler cameras along with ThermaScope HD Multi-View real time imaging, recording and analysis system.

The ThermaScope HD Multi-View records and stores the last 7 days of ThermaScope HD full frame rate image data and 60 days at 1 Hz frame rate.

This data can be replayed and analysed on the interactive timeline. Review kiln events such as light up, fuel change and the build up of ‘snowmen’.

Multi-View is available as an upgrade to add functionality to existing ThermaScope HD camera installations or for completely new systems. Read more Thermoteknix Industrial Infrared Systems at FICEM 2017

Night Vision & Optics Handbook 2017

Featuring Thermoteknix Infrared Products

FuseIR Fused Night Vision MonocularOnline — The Night Vision and Optics Handbook 2017 has just been released by Shephard Media. It features a wide range of Thermoteknix Night Vision products, including  the FuseIR Fused Night Vision Infrared device.

FuseIR combines a high performance  image intensifier (I²) device with a powerful uncooled MicroCAM thermal infrared imager in a small lightweight unit which delivers the best of both worlds: I², Thermal or Fused operation extending the user’s low light and night time capability for maximum situation awareness.

Read more Night Vision & Optics Handbook 2017

Pico640 Gen2 selected in Thermoteknix’s Infrared MicroCAM 3

New IR sensor improves power efficiency & performance

ulis pico640 gen2
Ulis Pico640 Gen2

SPIE DSS, Baltimore, MD, USA, – ULIS announced its selection of Pico640 Gen2 in Thermoteknix System’s MicroCAM 3, a new micro-weight thermal imaging core.

Pico640 Gen2 is a thermal imaging sensor offering important advantages to portable military systems.

Pico640 Gen2 and MicroCAM 3 take the size, weight, power and performance of thermal imaging to new levels, making the technologies highly suitable for handheld, battery-powered head-mounted and weapons-mounted systems. Read more Pico640 Gen2 selected in Thermoteknix’s Infrared MicroCAM 3

ThermaScope HDC Colour Kiln Cameras

Kiln combustion & clinker monitoring

ThermaScope HDC ColourCambridge, UK?? –?? High definition, high speed ThermaScope HDC colour kiln cameras provide high quality colour imaging from inside the kiln or cooler.

Based on Thermoteknix??? proprietary miniature CCD with high resolution progressive scan technology, it provides real time display inside the kiln/cooler for combustion and clinker detailed monitoring.

Minimal maintenance, the all-digital ThermaScope HDC colour kiln camera gathers invaluable image and data from the heart of the clinker-making process to the control room. Greater confidence throughout the combustion and manufacturing process. Read more ThermaScope HDC Colour Kiln Cameras

Thermal imaging goes digital at SPIE DSS 2014

Advanced Possibilities Available From Thermoteknix & Vision4ce!

Digital IR Image ProcessingCambridge, UK — Thermoteknix and Vision4ce joined forces at this year???s SPIE DSS Exhibition in Baltimore, 5-9th May 2014.

Thermoteknix showed its new GiG-E connectivity of their MicroCAM 2 uncooled long wave thermal imaging cameras combined with the advanced digital processing available from the Vision4ce GRIP PCs.

The demonstration will highlight the advanced possibilities available from imaging in the digital domain.

Both image stabilisation and live panorama generation were demonstrated on Thermoteknix and Vision4ce booths. Read more Thermal imaging goes digital at SPIE DSS 2014

FevIR Screen System from Thermoteknix

miricle_flu_frontCambridge, UK — Thermoteknix offers a system tailored for human febrile screening from the UK.

According to Thermoteknix:

MIRICLE FevIR Scan thermal imaging and temperature measurement system from Thermoteknix is easily installed, operated and re-located with the very minimum of setup time and operator training.

On screen visible and audible alerts provide instant notification of high temperature alarms.

On-screen alerts identify one or more individuals in a large crowd situation, aiding rapid detection and maintaining passenger flow.

Read more FevIR Screen System from Thermoteknix