Indian, Pacific Oceans Temporarily Hide Global Warming

NASA Finding Pasadena, CA, USA — A new NASA study of ocean temperature measurements at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) shows in recent years extra heat from greenhouse gases has been trapped in the waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Compact, High Efficiency Cold Trap & Freeze Dryer

Ipswich, UK &?? Stone Ridge NY, USA — ?? Genevac has announced a new version of its miVac SpeedTrap??? frost-free cold trap that not only provides unmatched volatile solvent recovery but now also enables freeze drying of up to 250

Ten New Wireless Sensors

Accurate to ?? 0.5 ??C (1 ??F) over -40 ??C to +125 ??C Salt Lake City UT, USA ??? Monnit Corporation introduces a low cost wireless temperature sensor along with nine other types of wireless sensors. The sensors currently use