NEW infrared thermometer designed for measurement of metals temps

PSSC’s New model measures at 0.545 microns

PSC-SSS-LASER-05M for Metal Temps

Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA – Process Sensors Corporation is pleased to introduce its newest non-contact infrared thermometer, the PSC-SSS-LASER-05M, designed specifically for temperature measurement of metal surfaces and molten metals.

Featuring a very short measuring wavelength of 525 nm, the PSC-SSS-LASER-05M minimizes measuring errors due to emissivity uncertainty and atmospheric changes.

The PSC-SSS-LASER-05M sensor offers a temperature range between 1000 and 2000 ºC, scalable via simple-to-use programming keys or the included PSC Connect software.

The same keys and software adjust peak hold, valley hold, average and extended hold functions with threshold and hysteresis. The sensor’s dual lasers precisely pinpoint targets at any distance. (more…)