Meteorological Technology World Expo to host CIMO TECO

“Towards fit-for-purpose environmental measurements”

CIMO TECO 2018 October 2018CIMO TECO-2018 is for experts in instruments and methods of observation from national meteorological and hydrological services, research institutes and the private sector, thus enabling exchange of experience and achievements in operational measurement practices, as well as in the latest developments in instrumentation, observing systems and related services.

The conference will provide a valuable opportunity for a direct interaction with manufacturers of meteorological and other related instruments and systems, as well as for training and capacity development, particularly for participants from developing countries.

CIMO TECO-2018 will be held at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 8-11 October 2018, at the kind invitation of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), and will be held alongside Meteorological Technology World Expo. (more…)

World Meteorological Organization’s CIMO TECO-2018 Conference

The world’s largest meteorological event | October 2018

CIMO TECO-2018Online  —  The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has published its preliminary program for CIMO TECO-2018, taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from October 8-11.

CIMO TECO-2018 will be hosted by the world’s biggest and most significant meteorological show, Meteorological Technology World Expo, running from October 9-11 at Amsterdam RAI. (more…)

Greenhouse gas concentrations surge to new record

The highest level in 800,000 years

Greenhouse gas concentrations surge to new recordOnline —  Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere surged at a record-breaking speed in 2016 to the highest level in 800 000 years, according to the World Meteorological Organization’s Greenhouse Gas Bulletin. The abrupt changes in the atmosphere witnessed in the past 70 years are without precedent.

Globally averaged concentrations of CO2 reached 403.3 parts per million in 2016, up from 400.00 ppm in 2015 because of a combination of human activities and a strong El Niño event. Concentrations of CO2 are now 145% of pre-industrial (before 1750) levels, according to the Greenhouse Gas Bulletin.

Rapidly increasing atmospheric levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases have the potential to initiate unprecedented changes in climate systems, leading to “severe ecological and economic disruptions,” said the report. (more…)

Strategic perspectives on new era for weather satellites

Outlined by WMO president

WMO TalkOnline —  A top-level World Meteorological Organization (WMO) delegation has given its strategic perspectives on a new era for environmental satellites as part of a keynote speech at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Satellite Conference, held in New York on July 17-20, 2017.

The speech focused on the latest satellite developments for weather forecasting, disaster risk reduction and climate monitoring, including GOES-16, which is the most advanced weather satellite developed in the USA. (more…)