Compact Portable Data Logger

Models with 8 and 16 TC, RTD or Voltage channels – Up to 10 units can be connected


Stamford CT, USA — The channels in Omega’s Model RDXL analog input part adopt insulated inputs, which means that temperature (thermocouple/resistance temperature detector) and voltage can be set differently for each channel.

Eleven types of thermocouples (TCs), Pt100 (RTDs) and JPt100 temperature-measuring resistors, and a voltage up to 50V range are supported.

The analog inputs are wired from the left, while the power and communication lines are wired from the right. This design makes the RDXL120 a suitable option in a narrow space.

Wiring is easy, since the terminal block can be removed easily with a single action. The dedicated lithium ion battery enables up to 7 hours of operation (typical).

Resistance to impact is improved by the use of a rubber boot, which is removable. (after the trigger).

Application Software
Datum-LOGGER software allows you to connect up to ten units to analyze and process data after you perform real-time measurement and acquire data with a PC.


* Real-time measurement at the maximum speed of 1 second
* Zooming to analyze acquired data in the waveform view
* A variety of data saving functions available (selective and partial saving)

Standard Supplied Software D-TOOL software allows one to show data in waveforms and perform Comma Separated Variable (CSV) conversion.

Real-Time Measurement Data Acquisition Functions:

Communication Interface: Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485

Max Number of Units That Can Be Connected: 10 units

Data Acquisition Channels (Per Unit): Sixteen analog channels, pulse channel, two logic channels, thirty-two XL unit calculation channels, four calculation channels dedicated to Datum-LOGGER software, thirty-two communication channels

Measurement Acquisition Period: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes, 1 hour (if the communication interface is RS485, the acquisition periods that can be set vary depending on the number of connected units; if the communication interface is ethernet and the communication interface set for the station is LAN/RS232 or LAN/RS485, the settable measurement periods will be 10 seconds or longer irrespective of the setting made to the Datum-LOGGER software.)

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