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UWXL Series

Stamford CT, USA — The UWXL Series industrial wireless transmitters from OMEGA offer unparalleled flexibility for process measurement applications. Capable of ranges to 450 m (1500′) line of sight, the UWXL transmitters are designed for a variety of applications, including temperature, infrared temperature, relative humidity, process transducers with standard voltage or current outputs, flow (pulsed frequency) as well as pH.

Thermocouple models are user configurable for any of 9 calibrations, while RTD units are compatible with both 0.00385 and 0.00392 calibration Pt100 sensors.

UWXL transmitters are programmable to transmit data at intervals configurable from once every 2 seconds to every 2 minutes. Transmitted data includes the process measurement along with the ambient temperature, RF signal strength and battery condition.

Software provided with each model can display this information in real time. This free software allows you to use your PC as a multi-channel meter, recorder or data logger; data can also be exported to a standard spreadsheet file.


??? Thermocouple, RTD, Infrared Temperature, RH, pH, Process Voltage/Current and Flow/Pulsed Frequency Input Models
??? J, K, T, E, R, S, B, and N Thermocouples
??? 385 and 392 Pt100 RTD Probes
??? IP68 Rated Industrial Enclosure
??? Free Software Converts Your PC Into a Multi-Channel Chart Recorder or Data Logger
??? Compatible with Both UWTC-REC and UWXL-REC Wireless Receivers
??? Long Battery Life

Note: Each unit comes complete with measurement/charting/data logging software, USB cable and operator’s manual. UWTC-REC2 units also include dc power adaptor.

Ordering Example: (1) UWXL-24-TC Wireless thermocouple transmitter, $395, plus (1) UWXL-REC1 48-channel wireless receiver, $455, , $395 + 455 = $850.00

More at: www.omega.com/ppt/pptsc.asp?ref=UWXL

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