Miniaturized Process Monitoring

Miniaturizing sensor type 6188A

Miniaturizing sensor type 6188A

Winterthur, Switzerland — Kistler AG has taken a further step towards miniaturizing sensors: with a front diameter of 1 mm, the type 6188A combined pressure and temperature sensor measures both cavity pressure and the contact temperature in the injection mold.

Like its predecessors with larger front diameters, the wires of the type K thermocouple are threaded through the pressure measuring elements directly to the front of the sensor.

Here, they measure the direct contact temperature of the melt and respond to changes in temperature.

The cavity pressure curve is the most informative characteristic for monitoring the process and evaluating the quality of the injection molded part. It is considered the “fingerprint” of molding.

The contact temperature provides additional information about the process and for optimizing and monitoring injection molding.

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