Move Your Temperature Data to the Cloud for Real-Time Viewing

From: The Top 7 Reasons to Use Accsense in Your Hospital

Accsense medical_monitorCHESTERLAND OH, USA ???_ Experiencing widespread vaccine losses caused by alarm and freezer failures, hospitals across the country are increasingly turning to automated temperature monitoring to safeguard their high-value inventories and satisfy increasing regulatory pressures.

Now CAS DataLoggers offers your hospital extended functionality and reliability with Accsense remote temperature monitoring and alarming systems. These affordable data loggers utilize advanced alarming capabilities allowing staff to respond the moment that product temperatures in their medical refrigerators and freezers go out of specification, offering unmatched safety and convenience.

Here are 7 reasons to rely on Accsense systems in your hospital:

1. These devices are completely secure since each data logger only sends its temperature data along with a time stamp. Unlike many integrated systems on the market, Accsense systems don???t have any control issues and don???t attach patient data so you???ll never have a privacy concern.

2.?? Accsense solutions are especially cost-effective for temperature monitoring at the mid or low-range number of points, commonly a few medical refrigerators and freezers.

For example, Accsense A1-08 dataloggers are ideal for incubators since you can monitor 6 at once with just a single unit???s 6 NTC thermistor inputs.

3. Cloud-based storage lets you view all your critical data in real-time. Log in through any Web browser to view reports and graphs or configure the system from anywhere Internet connection is available.

All the data goes out to the Web right away, making Accsense the only remote monitoring system out there that has virtually no impact on server structure, IT overhead, and minimal impact on bandwidth.

4. Accsense Wired Ethernet Pods support Power-over-Ethernet for a lower cost and easier maintenance than traditional wiring so you don???t need a wireless gateway.

Each temperature recorder has inputs for external sensors including 2 RTDs and a thermocouple. They also include a power adapter and Ethernet cables.

In the event of a power failure or network connection loss, Accsense A2-05 pods keep running for another 6 hours on their internal lithium batteries, during which the data loggers will continue to buffer data.

5. Accsense wireless temperature data loggers offer models featuring a digital input so you can use a magnetic switch to monitor and alarm how often your refrigerator/freezer doors open, preventing a common cause of inventory loss.

Sampling rate is user-settable so you can set alarms to trigger whenever any reading sees that the door is open, or 3 readings in a row, etc.

6. Easy installation and turn-key operation means that Accsense requires next to no IT involvement and no training courses; staff just plug them in and let them log.

7. Sophisticated alarm capabilities send phone call alerts, texts and emails as soon as any of your storage units goes out of specification.

Accsense continually monitors your inventories, increasing safety measures and decreasing staff response times while automatically sending their data to their secure cloud servers

CAS DataLoggers has provided state of the art medical monitoring systems for many distinguished healthcare and academic institutions including Stanford Hospital and Clinics, the Smithsonian Institute, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, New York Hospital Queens, and the US Navy Medical Center, among many others.

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