Multi-CoreTM high temperature thermocouples

Sigmund Cohn Corp. LogoSigmund Cohn Corp. (SCC) has been in the precious metals business and supplying Platinum and Platinum alloy products to the high-performance temperature sensing industry for over 117 years.

In fact, Sigmund Cohn Corp. is the standard by which all other platinum-based thermocouple materials are measured.

The current NIST approved Reference Grade platinum standard was manufactured by SCC in 2006, identified as Pt-67a.

This standard replaced the prior standard as well as the standard before that (Pt-67 and Pt-27 respectively), both of which were also produced by SCC.

Why is this history lesson significant?

Quite simply to illustrate the significant role that SCC have had on the temperature sensing industry .For decades their products have been predictable and consistent in their performance, whether it be low emf or durability of thermocouple elements.

Regardless of the type (R, S or B), or our fine diameter alpha wires, more than a century of expertise goes into our products.

Even though SCC have created the standard, they continue to innovate and develop products to support the changing needs of the market.

Their latest development is Multi-CoreTM, designed to increase the life of high temperature thermocouples.

Please find the datasheet in pdf format for this exciting product here: Multi-Core Datasheet. Their team is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Sigmund Cohn Corp has been Specializing in the manufacturing of precious and base metal products for over 100 years

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