Peter Welander & Moore Industries’ WORM

Watch the WORM Flexible Temperature Sensor Technology Demo from Moore Industries below:

NORTH HILLS CA, USA. — Moore Industries-International, Inc., has released a digital video production, the “Temperature Sensor Technology Demo Featuring Moore Industries WORM.” The WORM technology demo features a product demonstration, competitive analysis and installation instructions for the WORM, a unique flexible temperature sensor.

The WORM demo features a review of the sensor that has a rigid tip and stainless steel spring. The presenter first demonstrates what is necessary to get the best measurement from a temperature sensor.

Next, the WORM from Moore Industries is highlighted as a simple yet effective solution for temperature measurement in a flexible sensor that provides protection for the sensor element, either RTD or Thermocouple, and wiring and provides a faster response time.

The WORM kit displayed in the video includes everything needed to make a conversion from a rigid style temperature probe and install it in nearly every application.

There is also a demonstration of a full installation for a new WORM flexible temperature sensor???an installation that occurs without taking off the housing because of the WORM???s flexibility.

WORM advantages highlighted in the video include the smaller diameter and faster response time, as well as the WORM???s ability to be cut to any length, eliminating the need to stock or order exact sizes since the assembly is ???one size fits all.???

Temperature Sensor Technology Demo Featuring Moore Industries WORM,??? is available free through the Moore Industries corporate website at On the WORM video landing page, you can also download the WORM data sheet, get a two-page overview by downloading the free PDF ???Get Rid of Rigid: Get the WORM Flexible Temperature Sensor,??? and link directly to Moore Industries Temperature Sensors, Transmitters and Assemblies Selection Guide.

Additionally, you can visit Moore Industries YouTube channel to check out the video at

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