Temp Sensor Amplifier

Customers asked for it and Albion responded with a sensor amplifier/host interface:


Solana Beach CA, USA –?? This two channel amplifier unit reads the output from up to two of Albion???s temperature sensors and converts the signals to scalable analog voltage ranges (0 to 10 vdc).

Signals can then be read by analog input channels on a host such as a gaging or data acquisition system.

The Albion 5000 amplifier and sensors can be used for any temperature data collection activity. Albion will consider the development of compatible, custom designed sensors upon request.

In particular, now Albion???s unique, durable temperature sensors can be adapted for use by OEMs and system developers without the need to have sensors read by an Albion temperature compensation system such as GageComp or MicroComp.

For gaging applications the two channel system enables the use of one sensor to monitor workpiece and master temperatures while the other channel monitors gage fixture or ambient temperature. Albion Devices, Inc., has developed Platinum (PT100), AD590 Semiconductor and Thermistor temperature sensors specifically for applications in rugged, industrial environments.

Amplifier and sensors are sold separately. The amplifier is compatible with all of Albion???s standard temperature sensors.


?? Output Voltage: 0 to 10 vdc
?? Linearity .3% or better
?? Response time, Temp Probe: 2- 3 seconds flat surface to 95 % of final value.
?? Noise: Better than .005 volts P-P
?? Stability: < .47 deg C drift, 20-50 C change.
?? Sensor cable length max.= 30 ft.
?? Power: Wall transformer or host supply, +5 to +12 vdc input @60mA

Albion???s many temperature compensation system applications, installed since our inception in 1988, have dramatically reduced the adverse effects of temperature on precision dimensional measurements (usually by as much as 95%), improved our customers’ process capability, reduced costs of scrap and rework, generally improved quality and increased production process speeds.

Our instruments are in use world wide at auto plants, aerospace companies, bearing manufacturers, railroads, printers and their suppliers. We are recognized as being the leader in the field of temperature compensation. Our approach is practical, proven and customer driven.

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