Thermocouple Mini-Grabbers

Helps reduce the failure rate of?? TC wires

thermocouple mini grabber yellow

Danville VA, USA — The compensated thermocouple Mini-Grabbers from EDL are designed to facilitate easy monitoring of thermocouple circuits, without required disassembly of the wires.

The use of these Grabbers will reduce the failure rate of your wires, due to the reduction of the stress from disconnecting and reconnecting.

The use of?? Grabbers will reduce the rate of loose connections, since once you have a good connection, you no longer have to move it in order to check your circuit.

The use of Grabbers will also reduce the risk of cross connections, because you do not have to loosen, remove?? and reattach wires.

Available in all Thermocouple types, Type K shown above.

Mini-Grabbers includes types E, J, K, & T, with one foot coil cords and mini-plug termination. For more information visit:

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