Ultra High Temp TCs

To 2000 ??C & Above

Industrial Thermocouples
Industrial Thermocouples

Madri Udaipur, INDIA — Tempsens offers special Ultra high temperature thermocouples for high temperatures up to 2300 ??C for highly corrosive and/or reducing atmospheres.

These thermocouples are offered in either Platinum/Rhodium (Types R, S, or B) or Tungsten/Rhenium (Types C or D) elements, with a variety of insulation and sheath materials.

Depending upon the sheath material selected, these thermocouples are used in inert, oxidizing, reducing or vacuum conditions.

The maximum temperature is based on the lowest maximum. temperature of the element, insulation and sheath material.

The use of high-temperature sheath materials in an oxidizing atmosphere is possible only to a limited (low) temperature. Excluded from this are sheath materials of platinum alloys.

The table on page 4 of the product information online at http://tempsens.com/flags/hightempthermocouple.pdf serves as an indication.

These thermocouples are used in principally in aeronautics, research and industry.

In the case of long thermocouples it can be advantageous for cost reasons to have a transition to a different material, e.g. Inconel or Stainless Steel. The insertion length of the part exposed to the high temperature can be dimensioned as requested. also compensating cables can be used after the transition sleeve

For special applications it is possible on request to mount several thermocouples into a common protection tube. The position of the measuring points for profile thermocouples can be chosen within a wide range.

These thermocouples are supplied with traceable calibration and material certificates, in case required each of the thermocouple can be calibrated in specific inert or vacuum atmosphere.

Accessories like compensation cables and other items are available per requirement.

Special Advantages:

  • Custom – tailored designs available for many applications Suitable for oxidizing, reducing Neutral atmospheres and vacuum
  • Pressure-/vacuum-proof bushings available in many forms
  • Transition elements variable within a wide range
  • Profile thermocouples available on request
  • Calibration at high temperature in Inert?? atmospheres or Vacuum conditions.

For Details Refer to Catalogues ULTRA HIGH TEMPERATURE THERMOCOUPLE, free online at: http://tempsens.com/high_temperature_thermocouples.html and downloadable at: http://tempsens.com/flags/hightempthermocouple.pdf.

TEMPSENS Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd is a leading manufacturer of temperature sensors & Accessories, with world class manufacturing facilities in India, Germany and China. They are a part of Pyrotech Group which was established by four technocrats in 1976 at Udaipur, with their first product as Thermocouples and RTDs. They have focused ourselves for the manufacturing and supply of high quality Temperature sensors, related products accessories; services built to specific customer needs. They have tied up with world leaders in Temperature measuring technology for critical components, Non contact Temperature measurement, Thermal Imaging Solutions and Furnace Cameras and more.

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