USB-2001-TC: $99.00 (US)

A USB-Based Single-Channel Thermocouple Measurement Device for DAQFlex


Norton MA, USA — The USB-2001-TC is a single-channel 20-bit, thermocouple DAQ device from Measurement Computing Corporation. The device measures temperatures in the ranges defined by NIST J, K, R, S, T, N, E, and B thermocouple types.

It has a 250 ms conversion time, and features integrated cold junction compensation.

Under DAQFlex, the USB-2001-TC is supported under both Windows?? 32/64, Linux??, and Mac?? operating systems, and provides open thermocouple detection.

Key Highlights

  • Platform-compatible with Windows?? 32/64, Linux??, and Mac??
  • Accepts standard mini-plug
  • Accessory thermocouples available
  • ADC resolution: 20-bit
  • Conversion time: 250 ms
  • Integrated cold junction compensation (CJC)
  • Supports J, K, R, S, T, N, E, and B type thermocouples

Read their White Paper on message-based programming with DAQFlex.


  • DAQFlex open-source software framework included
  • Simple message-based programming interface
  • OS independent with a single API
  • Support for Windows 32/64, Linux, and Mac

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USB-2416 Series: 24-bit ADC for superior measurement ability

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  • Included software and comprehensive drivers

USB-TEMP and TC Series

  • Measure thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, semiconductor temperature sensors, or voltage
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About Measurement Computing Corporation
The mission of Measurement Computing Corporation is to provide our customers with PC-based data acquisition hardware and software that will save time and save money. We pursue this mission by offering:

  • High-quality, reliable products, backed by lifetime warranties and a harsh environment program, unique in the industry
  • Software solutions for DAQ users of all skill levels???programmers and non-programmers, alike
  • Value pricing???the highest quality, priced right
  • Simple installations that shorten the time between set up and first measurement
  • Direct access to outstanding live technical support
  • We are committed to developing the DAQ products you want, in the form and with interfaces you need.

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