How to accurately measure temperature for aluminium extrusion processes

App Story in the AMETEKLand Blog

SPOT AL EQS Application PyrometerOnline  —  The popularity of AMETEKLand’s SPOT AL EQS, Aluminium Application Pyrometer, (Aluminium Extrusion, Quench and Strip) application pyrometer combined with the new SPOT Actuator has increased dramatically.

This is due to its ability to offer unprecedented, highly accurate process temperature measurements and intelligent product and process tracking to continuously monitor temperature and improve process and product quality.

Extrusion industries who produce lower quality profiles can increase production rates because their press speeds can now be increased.

The SPOT AL EQS, Aluminium Application Pyrometer, is the result of continuous product development, utilising the latest technologies, and lengthy site trials.  (more…)

The media have started asking about climate change

“Climate? Tune in at 10” is on Grist’s Beacon

By Nikhil Swaminathan

President trump on scientist's political agendaOnline  —  “Last week, in the wake of the latest U.N. report, the Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan issued a challenge to journalists: ‘Climate change, she said, must be kept front and center with the pressure on and the stakes made abundantly clear at every turn.’

“The U.N. report’s alarming message that we have essentially a decade to take meaningful action on warming combined with Hurricane Michael ripping through the Southeastern U.S. ensured that the media couldn’t avoid talking climate change this weekend.

“CNN’s Jake Tapper and CBS’s John Dickerson asked Florida Senator Marco Rubio directly about the impact of climate change on storms like Michael. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow if the president would act on warming.

“And in her 60 Minutes interview with President Donald Trump, Lesley Stahl asked him point blank: ‘Do you still think that climate change is a hoax?’ (more…)

Webinar: Basics of Freeze-Drying Program

Presented by Jeff Schwegman | 31 October

WebinarOnline  —  SP Scientific is now accepting registration for the final part of its popular 4-part web lecture series on the basic principles and practices of lyophilization.

Presented by renowned freeze-drying expert Dr. J. Jeff Schwegman, CEO of AB Biotechnologies, there will be two sessions of this free webinar entitled “Scale-Up, Cycle Transfer, and Maximum Throughput Capability on 31st October 2018.

Topics to be covered in the webinar include critical parameters in scale-up and cycle transfer, scale-up strategy, mapping studies, dryer configuration, determining and preventing choked flow conditions and tips and techniques on how to freeze dry more efficiently.


On track for catastrophic global warming

Grist Article “IPCC your point

By Zoya Teirstein

Beacon article by Zoya Fierstien“It’s Monday, October 8, and we’re on track for catastrophic global warming. Here’s what we need to do to slow it.”

Online  —  “Hundreds of the world’s top scientists compiled thousands of research documents to assess our progress on limiting global emissions.

“Today, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change handed down its verdict: If we don’t fundamentally shift the path we’re on, we’ll hit 3.4 degrees C of warming by the end of the century and civilization will suffer.

“A lot.” (more…)

Precision Temperature Control for NMR, EPR & XRD Studies

Provides temperature stability to ± 0.1 °C

air-jet coolerStone Ridge, NY, USA  —  The AirJet XR Sample Cooler from SP Scientific is designed to provide precision sample temperature control (-90 °C to +100 °C) for NMR, EPR and X-Ray Diffraction instruments using a mechanically refrigerated, temperature-controlled air stream.

Unlike some systems that use expensive, expendable cryogens such as liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide to control temperature, the AirJet XR Sample Cooler requires only house-compressed air to control temperature.

When dry air passes through the AirJet XR Sample Coolerit is cooled by the mechanical refrigeration system and heat input is precisely regulated to control the temperature of the air stream. (more…)

New DrySyn Heating Block Systems

Asynt’s New Products

DrySyn ProductsIsleham, UK — Reflecting customer demand, Asynt have continued to expand their range of DrySyn heating block systems for reactions in tubes, vials and flasks.

In 2018 Asynt introduced new DrySyn inserts enabling scientists to heat reactions in 11.80 mm, 15.00 mm and 27.65 mm diameter vials.

In addition, the company has introduced the ADS2-2 DrySyn MAXI stand-alone 2L base for laboratories wanting to heat larger scale flask-based reactions and the DrySyn SuperMAXI 4L insert for use with the SuperMAXI 5L base. (more…)