Design of Liquid Cooled Heat Sinks & Cold Plates

Free Webinar 13 March

blue push pin hs7Online?? –?? You are invited to join us for our next free Webinar, “Design of Liquid Cooled Heat Sinks and Cold Plates”. Thursday, March 13, 2 PM EST.

The speaker is Dr. Al Ortega, Ph.D., of Villanova University’s Laboratory for Advanced Thermal and Fluid Systems.

This Webinar will address the design of liquid cooled heat sinks and cold plates and discusses fundamental concepts for moving from air to liquid cooling.

The agenda for this presentation includes:

  • A review of heat sinks (heat exchangers) to gain an understanding of current problems in order to consider how to deal with future problems in electronics cooling
  • What things have we missed in not thinking of heat sinks as heat exchangers?
  • What are engineers in thermal management missing from an experimental and functional viewpoint?
  • Taking advantages of some of the lessons learned from heat sinks in the design of single phase heat exchangers
  • Considering the difficulties of designing two-phase evaporators or boilers
  • Heat exchangers using biologically inspired principles such as constructal scaling.

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