FireLaserTM Heat Detection System

Sensornet launches FireLaserTM Heat Detection System


Elstree, UK — Sensornet has announced the launch of its FireLaserTM linear heat detection system which has been specifically designed for fire hazard detection applications.

The FireLaserTM connects to a fibre optic cable and determines temperature and distance data at thousands of points along its length. The fibre optic cable is installed within the asset to be protected, acting as the temperature sensor.

The FireLaserTM can detect a hotspot on the cable up to 4km. It can precisely monitor the development of hotspots to within 1 metre and provides a significantly superior and cost effective fire detection solution to the traditional copper-based multipoint linear heat detection alternatives.

The highly sensitive fibre optic cable, which is suitable for use in hazardous conditions, can detect changes of temperatures of less than 1 degree centigrade in three seconds.

Jerry Worsley, Vice President Industrial Monitoring, of Sensornet said, ???The FireLaser represents the most advanced linear heat detection system on the market and marks a real advance fire safety.

???The technology behind the system, which has been used in the oil and gas industry for several years, is highly reliable and embedded and the system is extremely flexible for use in distributed architectures.???

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Launched in 1998, Sensornet provides the world???s most advanced asset monitoring solutions, using real-time distributed temperature, strain, and pressure measuring systems. Sensornet is part of the recently-formed Tendeka family of companies which aims to consolidate specialist solutions for increased efficiency in well completions and production. Joining Sensornet within Tendeka are swellable elastomers expert Swellfix and wireless well communications and downhole instrumentation specialist Well Technology. The Tendeka family of companies employ over 100 people across a network of 18 regional bases, strategically located in key energy hubs including the North Sea, Middle East, North America, South America and Asia-Pacific.

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