Heat Mapping Imager or HemaImager

64×62 with Bluetooth @ $250

Affordable thermal imaging for smartphones and tablets

HEMA Imaging – Kickstarter from JAC Creative on Vimeo.

Online?? –?? The HemaImager is a new heat mapping device that pairs with the camera from a smartphone or tablet and produces thermal images in real-time. It is under development and has completed its first round of KickStarter fund raising.

The HemaImager allows homeowners, trade professionals, and engineers to predict problem areas in electrical equipment, homes, offices and other buildings by exposing unexpected temperatures.

How does the 64×62 HemaImager stack up against the competition? Check out this comparison table, that tells a lot more, based on the specs:

Hema Imaging vs Competitor 1

About the Hema-Imager

The Hema-Imager is a wireless thermopile-based imaging device that is not only compatible with nearly any smart device but has better temperature accuracy (2 ??C), wider temperature range (-4 to 450 ??F) and better sensor angular resolution (0.61 angular degrees) than the closest affordable competition. Their apps can be used to display and store thermal images only or to display and store combined thermal and optical camera images, with adjustable thresholds and color maps.

A few key elements of the Hema-Imager require further development (listed in Kickstarter in Development Timeline). The hardware, including electronics, case and firmware, is developed, with a manufacturing plan in place. A beta version of the Android and alpha version of the iOS application software have been developed and are being tested, but require further development for consumers.

Hema Imaging LLC

30233 Ednil Dr

Bay Village OH 44140 USA

Check out their Kickstarter page to learn more.


ED. Note: This is expected to be followed today by an announcement from California about the Seek Thermal Imagers and comes not long after the releases of other smartphone-capable thermal imaging devices the FLIR One from FLIR Systems and OPGAL’s Therm-APP.