High Performance Microplate Thermal Seals

microplate thermal seals

Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wales UK — Porvair Sciences has launched a new online service providing organisations with easy access to next day delivery on competitively priced, high performance microplate thermal seals.

For laboratories in the UK choosing to use the new service all microplate seals are also delivered free of charge.

Available in a wide choice of colour-coded designs, Porvair microplate thermal seals are available optimised for use with all brands of assay plates.

These easy-to-use thermal seals work with all commercially available heat sealers that take precut strip seals. They are printed in five different colours and marked ???This way up??? to ensure easy selection of the right gauge of seal and correct positioning on the microplate.

Seals are compatible with most heat sealers.

Each aluminium foil microplate seal is spray-coated with an acrylic varnish that is solvent resistant and will not contaminate your samples. It also makes an excellent permanent weld seal to polystyrene and polypropylene microplates.,

The easily peelable foil is actually a laminate of aluminium and polyester that provides durability and strength, while remaining easy to remove.

A sample pack of foils is available on request from Porvair Sciences to enable you to determine the optimum seal for your application.

Porvair colour-coded optically clear seals are available in two gauges, both printed black ???This way up??? for ease of use. The thinner gauge gives the best optical results and is easily removed.

The thicker material, while remaining clear after heat sealing, is optimised for long-term cold storage applications down to -20 ??C.

For further information please visit www.microplateseals.co.uk or contact Porvair Sciences now on +44-1372-824290 / int.sales@porvair-sciences.com

Porvair Sciences, established in 1992, is one of the largest global manufacturers of ultra-clean microplates for life science, synthetic chemistry and many other applications. Porvair Sciences Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Porvair plc.

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