Sensors that can handle temperatures up to 1832??F (1000??C)


Ayer MA, USA –?? Significant scientific and engineering enhancements in advanced materials, Pre-Process and In-Process production methods and in-site testing methods are driving the demand for displacement sensors that can handle extremely high temperatures up to 1832??F (1000??C).

Contemporary producers of aircraft engine rotational alignment, plate glass, materials testing extensometry, continuous flow steel, now use standardized high temperature Capacitec sensor solutions for in-process applications to control the quality of their production on a real time basis.

Qualification testing of disc brakes, jet engine dynamics and high speed shaft rotations also rely on Capacitec sensors.

Advanced materials for automobiles, structural components, and aircraft are also tested for strength and durability with the use of Capacitec’s line of extensometers and clip gauges.

About Capacitec

Capacitec is a global technology company dedicated to advancing the capacitive principle of measurement physics to its highest level in sensor design. Their scientific and industrial customers depend on them for precision movement detectors, part-dimensional sizing, thin gap sensors and strain extensometry for material strength testing.

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