MEMS Accelerometer Operates in Temps to 170 ??C

MEMS-based 4604HT offers reliable, accurate measurement in harsh environments

High Temperature Accelerometer from Measurement Specialties Operates in Temperatures to 170??C
Model 4604HT Accelerometer -55 ??C to +170 ??C Operating Range

Hampton VA, USA ??? Measurement Specialties now offers a robust, DC-response accelerometer that operates in temperatures from -55 ??C to +170 ??C.

The new MEMS-based 4604HT features an amplified output as well as critical dampening to a -80 dB/decade response attenuation for excellent high frequency signal suppression and improved measurement accuracy.

The signal-conditioned unit offers an expansive dynamic range from ??2 g???s to ??200 g???s for a variety of onboard monitoring applications needing a low-cost, high performance sensor. Its high-g shock protection via integral over-range stops makes the 4604HT ideal for flight testing, road vehicle testing and performance testing as well as for flutter and nacelle vibrations and down hole monitoring.

The accelerometer also includes integral strain relief, further enhancing measurement accuracy. Typical parameters at ??2 g???s include sensitivity of 1,000 mV/g, a frequency response of 0-200 Hz and residual noise of 600 ?V rms.

Excitation voltage of the new 4604HT is 8 Vdc to 18 Vdc and excitation current is less than 5 mA. Thermal sensitivity shift is ??4% over the full temperature range.

The sensor comes in a hermetically-sealed anodized aluminum housing with an epoxy seal rated to IP65.

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