Huber Unistats?? offer focused power & quick responses???

Fast response times to temperature change are as critical in nature as they are in the laboratory.


Offenburg / Germany –?? When it comes to temperature control of a process, fast response times can be just as critical. With a temperature range from -120 to +425 ??C, Huber Unistats?? are designed for demanding temperature control applications where reliability, predictability and tight control are a necessity in a constantly changing reaction mass.

Critical process temperatures can be maintained despite mixing, ingredient addition, exothermic and endothermic reactions. The result of precise temperature control is increased yields, reduced resource consumption and lower running costs.

To demonstrate the rapid response times of the Unistat?? temperature control systems, Huber produced over 200 case studies which show how effective thermal transfer results in very rapid heating and cooling times.

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Peter Huber K??ltemaschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1968 by Peter Huber as one of the first master enterprises in refrigeration plant manufacture. As from 1984 it has been owned by the family. Huber employs around 210 people, of which 7 are refrigeration master craftsmen. More than 110,000 Huber temperature control units are operating worldwide, in the areas of engineering, laboratory and technology.

Since the founding of the company, Huber has made its mark in the temperature control market for innovation. The introduction of Unistat?? Technology in 1990 has revolutionised temperature control. To this day, Unistats?? set the tone for highly dynamic temperature control processes. As a result, in 2010, Huber was again awarded the TOP100 certificate for being one of the 100 most innovative middle sized companies in Germany for the second consecutive year.

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Note: (Did you know?)

Swordfish are able to control the temperature of their eyes and brain independent of the surrounding water temperature. Even when water temperatures are close to freezing, the vascular heat exchanger in the swordfish allows the brain and eyes to be kept between 19??C to 28 ??C, protecting the nervous system from sudden cooling as the swordfish travels through a wide temperature range. As a consequence, the swordfish is more alert and can detect prey seven times quicker than other predators.