International Seminar on Multi-High Temperature Calorimetry

19 November 2013

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Teddington, UK — NPL is hosting this meeting, bringing together users of the Line 96 EVO Line system to share their research and experiences.

Multi-High Temperature Calorimetry, as presented by SETARAM Instrumentation, is a well-established and widely used thermal analytical technique.

The Line 96 EVO high temperature large volume calorimeter utilises specialist MHTC sensors, specifically designed to overcome experimental constraints from conflicting analytical requirements, e.g. low sample mass for good transition detection, high sample mass for accurate determination of heat capacity, analysis at constant and variable temperatures, use of the crucible open or closed, etc.

The system allows generation of accurate and reliable data for the study of structural transformations, determination of heat capacity and the study of material reactivity at high temperatures.

Download event programme Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Venue: NPL, Teddington

Cost: Free, but registration is essential

Registration: Register online


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Teddington, UK